I was reviewing our Google results today and discovered the most searched for phrase was “bathroom store”. That got me wondering, what exactly is a “bathroom store”? What are people expecting to find?


The term “bathroom store” is pretty accurate actually. When people visit a store like ours they aren’t usually just looking for just an item, say a toilet. They are looking for a solution; a toilet with a lid that doesn’t slam or is self-cleaning with lights and a dryer. They are thinking of the experience of the room as a whole. In our bathroom store we see experience as key. Yes the experience you will have working with us but more important, the experience you will have using your bathroom every day.


I am still amazed at times by the things we discuss with people in our bathroom store. Yet knowing how you live in the room is important to creating the experience you are looking for. Often it takes a little time and discussion to find the right answers. Working with some clients yesterday we discussed and reviewed living finishes, spout lengths and heights, handle placement, how a medicine cabinet is used and options of lavatory drains. All details and yet impactful to the everyday experience of the room. Sometimes the discussions can get rather intimate and there have been more than one incident of possible TMI, although usually helpful in making sure we propose the right solutions.

A bathroom store like ours does a large part of our business with design professionals and so we strive to carry products that will meet the requirements of diverse designs. We do carry brands that are familiar to most people, things like Toto or Moen but mostly we focus on the kinds of product one should find in a bathroom store, lines that offer tools for creativity and long lived function. Faucets may offer the most opportunity for creativity in the bath because those can be modified or custom finished more easily that products made of ceramic or acrylic which require expensive molds. Certain manufacturers, for example Watermark, Phylrich, THG or California Faucets make their mark with custom options and allow you to create whatever you can imagine with their building blocks.

Custom Black & White faucets are the perfect accent to this Wetstyle vanity

Custom is a much used word with various definitions. It can mean doing things in a traditional way or doing it to one’s own specifications. When specifying bathroom products we follow those rules, we follow custom while, as much as possible, doing it to the client’s needs. I think it is right to say that we have the most fun when a client allows us to explore something new, be it a style or custom finish or interesting combination of elements. Or a designer who works with our experience and their vision to create something special. This can be something big or oblivious but it can also mean incorporating details that not everyone would notice but which are important to the final result. Take a look at the photos below to see some examples of what I mean.

Mitered drawer edges demonstrate the kind of detail that is so important in an effective design. By Furniture Guild
Here Gessi has added textural elements a simple faucet design to integrate with other textural elements in a design.
The Elements Collection from Watermark allows one to specify inserts of metal, wood, clay and more and integrates with metal finishes for unusual faucets.

I’m glad to have discovered the popularity of the phrase “bathroom store” and will encourage everyone here to think of ourselves this way. And if you need to buy a bathroom please think of us.

New Location, New Showroom, New Opportunity

After many, MANY months we have opened in our new location! Why is this exciting? We started out in an old space, really a warehouse. It gave us a place to start BUT it was hard to find and a bit funky. We were lucky though, to connect with some great people. Now our new SOMA showroom has a super location and space and so we are very pleased to welcome everyone to our new home.

Franz Viegener and MGS are new to our showroom and offer unique Italian design

Space in San Francisco may not always be plentiful yet our new showroom is 6000+ sq ft. which lets us display not just brand partners with which we have long standing relationships but new partners with whom we are just starting.

Long time partners like Phylrich and Victoria & Albert are features of the new showroom

If you would like to see a complete list please visit our Brand Partner page here. Some of our new lines include Gessi, Watermark, Samuel Heath and THG.

Gessi and Watermark are two of our newest brand partners

Our goal is to offer a profile of products with which we can address a wide range of design challenges, for function, for appearance and for price. In other words we can handle the ultimate Master Bath to the simplest secondary bath project.

These crystal fixtures from Elan are some of the new lighting we will feature

We will have much more to say in coming posts but here we just want to say thank you and we look forward to seeing you in our new space!

Samuel Heath and the LMK Collection

Custom Details for Fine Bathroom Furniture

435 0272 c2
Briana double Vanity by Furniture Guild

There are many elements that go into a well-designed bathroom. Often the focal point, for both appearance and function, is the sink or vanity area. Today this area usually includes cabinetry of some kind rather than just a pedestal sink. Storage is one reason but cabinets also offer opportunity for distinctive design elements. Style, material, finish and hardware all influence the final product.

Stephan Double Wall Mount Vanity from Furniture Guild

Our partner Furniture Guild offers the ability to create any number of looks. Their motto seems to be “always say yes” and we have yet to find a custom feature they cannot do.

406 0130 c50 Frame Canity
Furniture Guild Frame Vanity

There are a lot of good companies making bathroom vanities in a variety of styles and finishes. What sets Furniture Guild apart is an ability to customize, large choice of woods/stains/paints/laminates and excellent quality.

Furniture Guild Wow
Furniture Guild  Vanity Flair Classic Custom Vanity Wall

It is difficult to imagine something they cannot do. Pictured above is a very detailed, traditional vanity wall with a custom faux finish and bathtub surround to match.

Custom Fresco Makasaro
Furniture Guild Fresco Contemporary Vanity

It is interesting to see how details can change the look of a furniture piece. Here is the Fresco Vanity in dark wood with no hardware (above). Below the same piece in a soft gray finish.

Fresco Gray no hardware
Fresco Vanity in Gray
Custom Fresco Carbone
Fresco Vanity Custom Size with Carbone Textured Finish

The addition of hardware (above) can also shift the appearance, as can use of a light wood instead of the dark (below) or very contemporary in white (also below).

Fresco Light Brown
Fresco Vanity is a Stained Maple Finish
Fresco White
Fresco in Contemporary White

Today we do see a lot of interest in very clean and modern designs but some projects call for something with a little more decoration.

Thomas Vanity Gray
Furniture Guild Thomas Vanity

The Thomas model is still a clean look but includes some details, like the mirror doors and foot detail, that offer a more transitional look.

Clayton Drawer Vanity
Furniture Guild Clayton Vanity Manhattan Oak

Clayton in Manhattan Oak is a little rustic in oak (above) or warmer in Natural Walnut (below).

Clayton in Walnut
Clayton Natural Walnut




Black Forest Furniture Guild
Three Door Stephan in Black

Stephan is quite elegant in black (above) or in China Red (below).

Stephan in China Red
Stephan in China Red
Furniture Guild 260 Transitional
Furniture Guild Transitional Briar Stained Maple with Rustic Hardware

This Transitional Nolan model is a simple Shaker door with the Briar stain and iron hardware pushing a more traditional look.

As you can see Furniture Guild can produce a variety of designs and there are far more options than shown here. But good design is much more than just looks, it has to function well. Furniture Guild detail options include drawer upgrades (wood and steel), interior lighting and accent lighting for wall hung models, interior power outlets, dryer holders, and lots of drawer organizing accessories.

Furniture Drawer Details

Vanity Flair Drawer DetailFG Drawer Details


More than any cabinetmaker we know Furniture Guild offers design professionals the ability to create bathroom furniture for almost every design. Finally, they offer a Limited Lifetime warranty, something rarely seen for furniture.

So we encourage you to contact us with your furniture ideas. Remember, Furniture Guild (almost) never says no.

AXOR – Water Dream 2016 Results


What are the new trends for 2017? What will make this year different? We’ve done out with the old, now what is the new? Clean transitional design continues to be popular but needs some warmth and organic materials. How else can stone, wood, glass, tile and fabric be used?

With plumbing fixtures it’s a challenge. Molds for toilets and sinks and bathtubs are expensive and can’t change each year in the way things like tile or fabric can. We do see new introductions but must also learn how to use product designs we already have in new ways. Often integrating new finishes or details such as handle inserts do the trick but it is rare to find something really new.

One company that has been exploring new directions for plumbing fixtures is Hansgrohe and its big brother Axor. To begin to rei-magine the bath Axor began the Water Dream project in the early 2000s. Water Dream is a collaboration between Axor and some of the world’s leading designers to think differently about how we use water. Water Dream encourages designers to experiment and create the bath outside of normal constraints and the project has brought fourth some of Axor’s most aesthetically pleasing product families.

A couple of years ago they introduced the U-base, a “universal fixture base that allows a simple and seamless connection to its counterpart – the spout.” U-base allows a new level of individualization in the bath, opening the door to the use of alternative materials for the faucet spout. To see where this could go Axor invited design professionals David Adjaye, Werner Aisslinger, FRONT, GamFratesi and Jean-Marie Massaud to create original pieces in what they have called Water Dream 2016.

MIMICRY – Jean-Marie Massaud

Cool marble forms in balanced by a clear stream of water. Combination of organic and technical.


Using polished PVD finished surfaces to create a playful waterfall marrying natural forms and the visual and acoustic appeal of a waterfall.

THE SEA AND THE SHORE – Werner Aisslinger

The spout and shelf theme is not new to Axor. This piece uses clay in a very clean form to create a hybrid spout like a natural fountain, complete with garden!

RITUAL – David Adjate

A wedge shaped bronze spout cradles a granite inlay.

ZEN – GamFratesi

Based on a Japanese wood fountain this piece has a tranquil, natural spirit.

Each of these interpretation leads to feel feel differently about our water. Imagine the design opportunities this system may offer.

*for the complete press release on water dream 2016 click here


Mirrors Make the Bath!

Mirrors have been a home décor accessory for forever and many bath and powder rooms have been enhanced by a creatively framed mirror. While decorative mirrors can be fun when used in the bath it is important to take into account the functional as well as the decorative features. Low light or reflection quality can be especially annoying in an otherwise beautiful bathroom.

Technology has infiltrated the world of mirrors with dimmable LED, USB ports, Bluetooth sound and other goodies allowing increased function and enjoyment of your bath. So it’s not just about the look any more.


Electric Mirror Silhouette Lighted Mirror “Hotel Luxury at Home”

Electric Mirror is the industry leader for luxury mirrors. Pictured above is one from their Silhouette series which has a perimeter back light. Mirror lights may be placed within a mirror frame (as shown) or on the edge (see below).

3PNC / Fairmont Hotel Pittsburgh
Silhouette Exposed Side – Fairmont Hotel Pittsburg

Or a simple side light pattern is available. The first time we experienced the full impact of Electric Mirror was in a hotel in NYC and were so impressed we immediately brought several for display.



Electric Mirror also offers a “Fog Free” unit for use in the shower; a little practical luxury!

Too often today one may purchase a beautiful product only to discover the beauty fading fast, due to poor quality or use of materials not made for wet environments. This will not happen with Electric Mirror “DuraMirror” glass for wet rooms.

Keen Light Keypad

Optional features include “Diamond Clear” glass which largely eliminates the sight green tinge one sees in 1/4″ glass. Electric Mirror also offers “Keen” and “Vive” technologies. “Vive” uses Bluetooth to turn your mirror into a wireless stereo system. “Keen” offers dimming, night light and energy saving functions.

Electric Mirror has a ton of standard sizes and options. In addition EM will create custom items for larger projects. One result was the introduction of their Cameo Laser designs, originally created as custom several patterns are now available for single orders.



Robern is well known for luxury medicine cabinets and now offers many wall mirror that accent the cabinet collections.

reflexion_install_2_v2The Reflexion Full Function Mirrors have dual stanchions in chrome or brushed nickel which create a soft task light for a bathroom or accent space.


New from Robern is the Aio wall mirror, so now one can have the features of Aio where a cabinet will not fit (or is not needed). LED task lighting is controlled with a touch pad on the mirror surface. Two USB ports are integrated at the top and side and the OM Audio turns the mirror into an uniform sound speaker using your Bluetooth device.

candre_install_1_brandCandre mirrors use a combination of reflective polished glass and metal surfaces to create a elegant framed mirror in sleek grey or white.



While techno options are great sometimes all you need is an interesting frame. Aquabrass has developed a nice collection of framed mirrors that can be used in the bath or home. The Perla, shown above, has a frame of pearl and metallic mosaic.


Legno II surrounds beveled glass with a frame of reclaimed. Stix (below) has a frame of metal sticks with a beveled mirror.




Afina has added some unique designs to their collection. The “Radiance Venetian” come in a round (see above), oval, rectangular or hexagonal shape. For something more contemporary look at their “Modern Luxe” collection (below).





Of course these are just a very few examples of what we offer. If you are looking for something specific or just new ideas we would love to help. Please give us a call or an email. Our showroom/offices are open Monday through Friday 9:30 to 4:00.




Graff One57

Creating great bathrooms takes time. We can help.

DJ Bath Plus offers services to make your job easier. Life is so busy these days and visiting a showroom isn’t always possible, or necessary. You have your design concept, your experience and your project parameters, what you don’t have is time to look at products that don’t meet those needs.

Once you fill us in on a project we go to work for you finding product solutions that fit your vision and your specifications. We take into account not only style but performance, availability, budget and reputation. Our vast product knowledge and 50+ years of experience are yours.




During the selection process we provide specifications and photos electronically. We are happy to offer multiple options until you are satisfied the selections meet your needs. As when selections are finalized we develop a complete spec book as part of the order.

If you do need to visit Our Showroom we offer a private space in the Dogpatch district, open by appointment only. On display are bath fixtures and faucets, hardware, bathroom furniture and accessories by most major brands. Need a sample for a presentation or just to review the finish? We can deliver these to your office (subject to availability) or have shipped direct to you from the manufacturer.


M_collection_towel _holder_3


Is your project on a fast-track? Did something get delayed/broken/mis-delivered? We can help! We maintain large inventories of many brands in our East Bay warehouses and can get things to your job site quickly, often same day.

Also working for you is our relationship with our vendors. We buy  directly from the manufacturer and after 50 years we know the people who get things done. If there is a problem we get it fixed for you.

If you would like to know more about us please click here. We look forward to an opportunity to work together.

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